THE FIDUCIARY STANDARD: ACT II The code of conduct for which investors should shop by Ron Copley, Ph.D, CFA, LOL contributing writer

Jack Bogle—founder of Vanguard and a man whose opinion I have respected for years—says the fiduciary rule recently passed by the Department of Labor for advice on retirement assets will expand to non-retirement assets soon. Mr. Bogle states, “As a practical matter, I can’t imagine brokers serving their nonretirement-plan clients with a lower standard of […]

STEERING THE COURSE: Sandy Rowe sails through ILM’s PATH to better children’s health care by Chris Wirszyla, LOL contributor

The first, most vivid and lasting impression of Sandy Rowe I have is one of her at the helm of a sleek, 67-foot sailboat, guiding it through the storm of life (and, thankfully, as the executive director of PATH, our nonprofit, which I will get into later). Rowe is a native Wilmingtonian, who got “sand […]

COOKING WITH DEB O! LOL food writer Debra Ocock talks career, family and life by Rene’ Leister, LOL co-publisher

    LOL food writer Deb Ocock titillates our taste-buds with recipes that real people can make. I personally have tried several of them and am pleased to say, even with my very-limited-to-downright-horrible cooking skills, I was able to make a delicious meal. Aside from her decadent bites, I enjoy the stories Deb tells about […]

Pedego Boomerang e-Bike – Many Happy Returns

By Gary M. Kaye, Chief Content Officer, Tech50+ ( Sometimes I wonder what goes into a product name. In this case it’s the name of a very comfortable e-bike, the Pedego Boomerang. Did they name it for Boomers? Perhaps for the shape of the frame? Or even the notion that you’ll like it so much you’ll […]

E-Bikes Lower the Bar at Interbike

By Gary M. Kaye, Chief Technology Officer, Tech50+ ( What a difference a year makes. At this year’s Interbike conference in Las Vegas, by one count there were more than 45 new e-bike companies offering scores of new models. But what struck me most is that, in the course of a year, many of the […]

Zeiss Glasses for Driving at Night – No Glaring Errors

By John R. Quain, Editor-At-Large, Tech50+ ( For many of us, driving at night or in bad weather becomes more stressful as we age.  Glare from newer headlights is a big part of the problem.  Now, lens maker Zeiss has come up with a solution that I found to be a real help.   DriveSafe […]

Countdown to a Kidney – Part 1

By Gary M. Kaye, Chief Content Officer, Tech50+ ( Just about everyone I know has a favorite time of year. It could be Thanksgiving, or Christmas, or a birthday. The one event I look forward to most each year is my fall foliage biking trip with my son, Max. We’ve been doing it for 22 […]