Minding Your Meds – The PillDrill Solution

By Gary M. Kaye, Chief Content Officer Tech50+ (www.tech50plus.com) Taking pills is not fun. And as we age, chances are that we’ll have to take more pills more often. Not only is that a problem for those who need the medications, but also for those who take care of them. And it’s a 300 billion […]

Ember – A First Class Solution to a First World Problem

By Gary M. Kaye, Chief Content Officer, Tech50+ (www.tech50plus.com) In the course of a year, we see a lot of gadgets.  Probably close to a thousand.  Very few are truly innovative.  Some are useful.  But the Ember mug is both innovative and useful.  I will confess to being a coffee junkie.  I like to keep a cup […]

WHAT IS THE MARKET, ANYWAY? Defining the organized chaos of money-making by Ron Copley, Ph.D, CFA, LOL contributing writer

  Lots of people talk about “the market,” but few truly understand what it means? Television, newspapers, and the Internet are mediums where people from many perspectives continually discuss the market. Commentaries present facts and figures on what it will do today, where it will go tomorrow, and how it has historically performed, but nobody […]

ENJOY GREAT GUT HEALTH! Step three: Re-inoculate for an optimal gut by Lindy Ford, RD, LDN, LOL contributor

We’re moving further down the gut-health road. Now that we’ve covered removing the bad and restoring digestive health (see previous LOL editions at www.livinoutloudmag.com), we’re ready to move on to re-inoculation. What does that mean? The gut is made up of trillions of bacterial cells. A healthy gut—one that isn’t presenting with GI problems—has a […]

Getting My Gear Together and Taking It On The Road – Travel Tech

By Gary M. Kaye, Chief Content Officer, Tech50+ (www.tech50plus.com) Think about this for a moment.  Back in the day, when we packed for a trip we made sure we had our cameras, lots of film, and possibly some batteries.  Now we pack our smartphones, our laptops, our tablets, and of course SD cards for our […]

Samsung Gear S3 – A Big and Smart Watch

By Bill Stoller, Contributing Editor, Tech50+ (www.tech50plus.com) For a while in 2016, it looked like smartwatch sales were tanking, but it seems that they had an upswing for the holidays and after. One of the latest – and largest – is the Samsung Gear S3 which comes in two models, Classic and Frontier. We got the Frontier […]

Technology Through Our Eyes: Clarity TL100 TV Listener – Heads Up For Better Hearing

by Bill Stoller, Contributing Editor Tech50+ (www.tech50plus.com) Hearing loss as we age – and devices to help  us short of expensive hearing aids – is something we’ve talked about before, including speaker systems and sound bars designed to help us hear more clearly. Now here are wireless headphones designed specifically for people with some hearing loss, to use to […]

A POPPIN’ RETURN: Broadway actress and former Wilmingtonian Linda Lavin performs with the WSO by Teresa McLamb, LOL contributor

A POPPIN’ RETURN: Broadway actress and former Wilmingtonian Linda Lavin performs with the WSO by Teresa McLamb, LOL contributor

  Tony and Golden Globe award-winning performer Linda Lavin returns to Wilmington in February to join forces with Wilmington Symphony Orchestra at the Cape Fear Community College’s Wilson Center as part of Symphony Pops! It will be her third appearance with the orchestra, an event she is very much anticipating, with conductor Steven Errante leading […]