Can An E-Bike Lengthen Your Life?

Can An E-bike Lengthen Your Life? By Gary M. Kaye, Chief Content Officer, Tech50+ ( It’s long been the purists and the traditionalists, versus the e-bikers.  It’s not that e-bikes go too fast.  In fact, most road bikers will zoom past us 50+ e-bikers every day of the week. No, the purists argue that using […]

NATIVE PLANT SALE: Master gardeners help prepare for annual sale at Arboretum by Teresa McLamb, LOL contributor

Gardening is both a pleasure and a challenge, but it can be much more pleasurable when the correct plants are used. Wilmington is the northernmost sub-tropical climate, and defined as a Zone 8 region. Plants that thrive in Georgia, such as most palms, will not grow well here. Likewise, rhodendrum and laurels that thrive in […]

Best Travel Apps for the 50+ Traveler

By Barb Gonzalez, Contributor Tech50+ ( Whether you are traveling for fun or business, by air or hitting the road, a number of travel apps and websites can make your trip easier and more enjoyable. These apps help you find what you are interested in along the way or once you reach your destination. Some […]

Omron EVOLV – An Arm Up On Blood Pressure Monitoring

By Bill Stoller, Contributing Editor, Tech50+ ( Sponsored By:   There are many – and more to come – connected consumer “medical” devices out there, to help us monitor our bodies: fitness bands, smart watches, smart scales, and blood pressure monitors, the last one particularly important as we age because of the high risk of […]

Stop Robocalls At Home And Now On Your iPhone

By Bill Stoller, Contributing Editor, Tech50+ ( Who doesn’t want to stop robocalls, those annoying, computer-generated calls that plague anyone with a landline and are now ringing mobile phones directly? Most of the calls are scams, pretending to be the IRS, or Microsoft, or your credit card company. It’s possible a few may even be […]