Oska Pulse – Making The Hurt Go Away

By Bill Stoller, Contributing Editor, Teh50+ (www.tech50plus.com) If you’re someone with chronic pain – and frankly as we get older who doesn’t have some chronic or frequent pain somewhere: back, shoulder, knee – need I go on? And dealing with that pain includes many options: pills, physical therapy, chiropractic, yoga, surgery, or just suffer. Pain […]

Genteel Offers Pain Free Diabetic Testing

By Gary M. Kaye Chief Content Officer, Tech50+ (www.tech50plus.com) There may be as many as 30 million diabetics in the United States.  The disease hits particularly hard on seniors, with an estimated 27% of them suffering from Type II Diabetes.  The vast majority are not dependent on insulin.  But for the more than half a […]

INTERVIEW WITH AN AUTHOR: Emily Colin talks about her love of the South and craft of being a writer by Janet Oliver, LOL contributor

  “The Dream Keeper’s Daughter” by Emily Colin debuted in July and has received nothing but accolades and praises since hitting the shelves. Ms. Colin was kind enough to answer a few questions for LOL readers about her novel and craft as a writer. Livin Out Loud (LOL): Tell us how you came from Brooklyn […]

TECHNOLOGY THROUGH OUR EYES: The ins and outs of Uber, Lyft and other new transportation methods by Gary M. Kaye, LOL contributing writer, CCO, www.tech50plus.com

For many seniors, driving is becoming increasingly problematic. In some cases, it’s a matter of slowing reflexes. Other times, it’s because of poor night vision. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of confidence. But giving up a car has long meant giving up freedom and mobility. In more and more communities, it’s becoming less of an […]

PORTFOLIO BUILDING: Just keep it simple by Ron Copley, Ph.D, CFA, LOL contributing writer

Constructing a portfolio can be as simple or as complicated as one wants to make it. Having built portfolios for hundreds of investors over the past several decades, I believe the simple approach is much better. A well-constructed portfolio need not involve exotic securities, derivatives, or a complicated tax strategy. A basic plain vanilla portfolio […]

HARVESTING FOR FALL: How to keep the bounty of the summer garden fresh by Melinda Myers, LOL contributor

You spent the summer weeding, watering and tending to the vegetable garden. Now all the effort has paid off with bountiful harvest. Maximize the flavor and nutritional value of homegrown vegetables with proper harvesting and storage. For the freshest flavor, always prepare and serve vegetables immediately after harvest. But, face it, most of us are […]

PACK THE ‘YAK: Chris Farley makes kayaking a breeze by Chris Wirszyla, LOL contributor

“Environmentally friendly” and “inexpensive” (after the initial investment) are a few words Christine “Chris” Farley uses to describe kayaking around some of the roughly 7,000 square miles of inland waters in North Carolina. Farley grew up in Astoria, New York, and relocated to Wilmington after a career in pharmaceutical marketing in Manhattan. The second oldest […]

It’s Not Dinah Shore’s Chevy

By Gary M. Kaye, Chief Content Officer, Tech50+  (www.tech50plus.com) If you’re old enough to remember the 1953 Chevrolet and the iconic Dinah Shore jingle that promoted it, “See The USA In Your Chevrolet” then this story’s for you (Click the image to see the commercial). Fourteen years after that commercial, I got my first car, […]

Breakthrough Diabetes Tech, But Don’t Call it an Artificial Pancreas

By Gary Kaye, Chief Content Officer, Tech 50+, Technology Through Our Eyes Diabetes sucks.  Why mince words?  The disease has dire consequences.  It’s the disease that keeps on giving.  It gives you kidney disease.  It gives you retinopathy.  It gives you neuropathy.  It gives you non-healing wounds and amputated limbs.  It can devastate your other […]