MEET THE NEIGHBORS: Exploring a lifelong friendship between Marge Paliotti and Elma Boyle by Carol Overstreet, LOL contributor T

There’s always been a particular dynamic on Topsail Island, one which includes a hodgepodge of local agricultural types, (fishermen and farmers), the military, businessmen, and of course tourists. Folks who never would have met seemingly cross paths; thus the culmination of diversity and class has made our little island unique and tolerant. Being a Navy […]

CHRISTIE RESURRECTED: Can the queen of whodunnits connect with a modern crowd by Aaron Oliver, LOL contributor

With the opening of “Murder on the Orient Express” this month in theaters, I wondered aloud if it was possible for Agatha Christie to become cool again. Naturally, my wife countered with: “Has she ever been out of style?” Christie’s website ( calls her the bestselling author of all time. Her books remain on shelves […]

Fiction and nonfiction reviews by Janet Oliver, LOL contributor

This is the time of year when families come together, no matter the challenges. Airports will spill over with unhappy children (and adults), as flights are delayed, and waiting is frustrating. Travelers using mass transit or driving on overcrowded highways can find the Thanksgiving holiday demanding yet rewarding. So this month take an intermission just […]

MARKET EFFICIENCY: Diversification remains the best bet by Ron Copley, Ph.D, CFA, LOL contributing writer

Irma caused incredible devastation, but it also presented an excellent opportunity to discuss the most important factor driving stock prices: the speed in which information is reflected in current valuations. Financial theorists have long discussed the matter called “Efficient Market Hypothesis.” The efficient view is stock prices immediately reflect full information. The inefficient view is […]

WAR AGAINST INFLAMMATION: Prevent disease and increase quality of life By Lindy Ford, RD, LDN

The research jury is in. The verdict? Chronic inflammation is the root cause of the most serious illnesses, including heart disease, cancers, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease. Inflammation on the surface of the body presents as swelling, redness, heat, and pain. It is the cornerstone of the body’s healing response, and brings more immune activity to […]