PURSUING A PASSION: Instrumentalists of a different breed show off their love of music by Judy B. Smith, LOL contributing writer

For a city its size, Wilmington, NC, has proven to be both an astounding hot spot and a hidden treasure for music lovers. Opportunities to study, perform, educate, and attend concerts of multiple music genres abound. Among them is the OLLI New Horizons Concert Band, which will perform its spring show on April 25 at […]

EVOCATIVE IDIOTS: Thalian Association premieres the Green Day musical “American Idiot” by J. Carver, LOL contributing editor

  In 2010 David Loudermilk, artistic director for Thalian Association, was having brunch at the George with his friend, Polly Noble. Noble happened to be a dresser on the Broadway show “American Idiot”—the two-time Tony-winning musical based on the Green Day album of the same name. Noble got a call that Green Day’s guitarist and […]

APRIL PAGE TURNERS: Fiction and nonfiction reviews by Janet Oliver, LOL contributor

  “Morning,” the book reviewer said to her husband as he entered the kitchen. With a yawn, he replied in-kind. “Did you sleep well?” she asked. “Yes,” he replied. “Until that big thunderstorm woke me.” With surprise the reviewer questioned, “We had a thunderstorm?” “Well, yeah!” the husband grumpily replied. “I had to get up […]

TRAVEL IN THE 21ST CENTURY: From power adapters to smart luggage, packing is a tech-filled adventure by Gary M. Kaye, LOL contributing writer, www.tech50plus.com

Remember the days when packing for a trip meant taking little more than a change of clothes and a toothbrush? Nowadays, I feel like a traveling electronics store. Senior travelers have many of the same needs as anyone else, as well as a handful that relate to age and physical condition. Depending on needs, here […]