SUMMERTIME IS CALLING: Getting to know Mike Insco of East Coast Seafood Market By Chris Wirszyla, LOL contributor

  Mike Insco is a busy man. He built and owns East Coast Seafood, located on Dawson Street, which his wife Michelle says is the oldest, single-owned seafood market in Wilmington. When Michelle—with whom I work at Cape Fear Elementary School—learned I am a clammer, from way back to my days on Long Island, it […]

TECHNOLOGY THROUGH OUR EYES: The ins and outs of Uber, Lyft and other new transportation methods by Gary M. Kaye, LOL contributing writer, CCO, www.tech50plus.com

For many seniors, driving is becoming increasingly problematic. In some cases, it’s a matter of slowing reflexes. Other times, it’s because of poor night vision. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of confidence. But giving up a car has long meant giving up freedom and mobility. In more and more communities, it’s becoming less of an […]

CONTRASTING INVESTMENT STRATEGIES: The importance of finding the right financial adviser by Ron Copley, Ph.D, CFA, LOL contributing writer

Two investors at different stages in life with dissimilar financial pictures present a unique opportunity to study contrasting investment strategies. Most people, whether close to or in retirement, will identify with one of these investors to some extent. Our first investor is Ms. Smith. Ms. Smith is retired, in her 70s, has no debt, and […]

AN UNFORGETTABLE TASTE: Wilmington Wine and Chocolate Festival returns with sips, bites, laughs and more by Joyce Edwards, LOL contributor

  VOCAL is proud to be part of a city that reaches out every year to support their own. Wilmingtonians are extraordinary! There is no better way to celebrate such generosity than with an exceptional glass of wine, great music, delectable hors d’oeuvre, decadent chocolates and impressive artwork. 2017 rings in the 13th annual Wilmington […]

STEERING THE COURSE: Sandy Rowe sails through ILM’s PATH to better children’s health care by Chris Wirszyla, LOL contributor

The first, most vivid and lasting impression of Sandy Rowe I have is one of her at the helm of a sleek, 67-foot sailboat, guiding it through the storm of life (and, thankfully, as the executive director of PATH, our nonprofit, which I will get into later). Rowe is a native Wilmingtonian, who got “sand […]