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NATIVE PLANT SALE: Master gardeners help prepare for annual sale at Arboretum by Teresa McLamb, LOL contributor

Gardening is both a pleasure and a challenge, but it can be much more pleasurable when the correct plants are used. Wilmington is the northernmost sub-tropical climate, and defined as a Zone 8 region. Plants that thrive in Georgia, such as most palms, will not grow well here. Likewise, rhodendrum and laurels that thrive in […]

WHAT IS THE MARKET, ANYWAY? Defining the organized chaos of money-making by Ron Copley, Ph.D, CFA, LOL contributing writer

  Lots of people talk about “the market,” but few truly understand what it means? Television, newspapers, and the Internet are mediums where people from many perspectives continually discuss the market. Commentaries present facts and figures on what it will do today, where it will go tomorrow, and how it has historically performed, but nobody […]