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7 FOODS FOR HAPPY PEOPLE: Gut health and serotonin increase by Lindy Ford, RD, LDN, LOL contributor

  It’s important to understand how the brain regulates mood. It uses neurotransmitters like nor-epinephrine, GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid), dopamine, and serotonin to communicate signals that keep THE mood stable. These mood-affecting chemicals don’t magically appear. They are created by compounds found in food, and some are better at neurotransmitter production than others. I guess […]

RUNNING ON ENERGY: Former student coach takes on new life goals by Chris Wirszyla, LOL contributor

I remember years ago, as an assistant coach for our school’s Girls on the Run and STRIDE (for boys) programs, jogging past head coach Mary Alice Hudson and telling her, “C’mon and join us!” She responded, “No way—never have, never will. I’m just here volunteering for the students.” Soon after, while looking at a picture […]

LIVING A QUALITY LIFE: Lower Cape Fear Hospice eases hard decisions on patients, family by Teresa McLamb, LOL contributor

According to the Center for Disease Control’s website, one in four Americans has multiple chronic conditions, such as heart failure, diabetes, COPD, cancer, dementia, renal failure, among others. For ages 65 and older, the statistic jumps to three out of four. In essence, out of approximately 550,836 residents of Bladen, Brunswick, Columbus, New Hanover and […]